Executive Producer

EVE Online is looking for its Executive Producer as the game steps into its’ second decade of continued operation and growth. The EP is responsible for reconciling business and creative needs to create an inspirational product with successful business model. This position will lead overall development and will work closely with publishing and operations activities for EVE Online. The EP is responsible for the overall success of the title. The Executive Producer will need to build and lead strong teams of senior people from across the project in order to develop, communicate and execute the creative vision and business plans for EVE Online. As the key business leader for the project, the Executive Producer maintains a strategic focus on the overall goals of the project and a long term perspective in respect to creativity, quality, budget and timelines.

Responsibilities include:

  • Lead the EVE Online Product team to develop the creative and overall vision for the game and its expansion, with the EVE Online Product team.
  • Drive the creation of long-term strategic, business and development plans to support the continued expansion of EVE Online, and then deliver on those plans through the EVE Online Business Leadership Team.
  • Communicate high level vision, road-maps to EVE Online teams and CCP.
  • Accountable for EVE Online P&L and all associated development, marketing, customer support and operations costs, in close collaboration with CCP’s marketing, shared publishing services and corporate business functions.
  • Lead the development efforts to ensure the continued releases of high quality expansions to EVE Online, in defined timelines.
  • Strong collaboration with EVE Online Business Leadership Team to ensure EVE Online continues to grow and meet all its business objectives.
  • Work closely with Customer Relationship Management and Virtual World Operations to provide to EVE Online players with the highest level of customer care and game availability.
  • Collaborate with the DUST 514 teams to capitalize on the close integration between these two products.

Experience / Skills:

  • A strong passion for creating ground breaking gaming experiences in a virtual world.
  • A natural leader who brings a large team with them on a journey to a growing and improving game.
  • Proven experience in creating and leading strong teams of senior managers in multiple disciplines
  • Clear views of the current market trends and consumer demographics
  • Expert communication and presentation skills
  • Ability to communicate an ambitious vision and creative center for a product, and recruit people to that vision
  • Knowledge of the typical producer software tools, documents and processes (budgets, game concept creation, project management, bug tracking)
  • Knowledge of scrum and agile development methodologies
  • Solid team management and leadership experience
  • Demonstrable passion for driving high quality and an engaging user experience
  • Collaborative working style
  • Data driven decision making approach
  • Open for feedback and enjoys working in a fast paced, constantly iterating environment
  • Proven ability to effectively partner with cross-functional disciplines. Able to influence effectively where there is no direct authority
  • Sense of humor!


  • A good understanding of MMO game development in general and EVE Online in particular.
  • Extensive industry experience with multiple titles and large scale operations 10+ years preferred
  • A track record of delivering multiple high quality entertainment experience
  • Significant experience of delivering excellent business results in large scale projects in an ongoing ‘Product as a service’ model