Igniting EVE's Potential

Carbon is the next-generation cross-platform game engine framework from CCP Games, used to build entire universes where tens of millions of players have experienced emotion invoking journeys through the vastness of space. Every line of code, every pixel, every beat shaped by Carbon pushes the boundaries of virtual worlds.

Carbon Engine Components


The Artists' Playground

Breathtaking vistas and epic scenes become stunning virtual worlds with Trinity, the graphics engine that's at the heart of Carbon's astonishing visuals.

Carbon Engine Components


Choreographing The Dance of Stars

Destiny handles the physics and path finding inside Carbon. It has facilitated the creation of Guinness record breaking battles, including the largest multiplayer video game PvP battle (8,825 players) and most concurrent participants in a multiplayer video game PvP battle (6,557 participants).

Carbon Engine Components


Guiding Players' Journey

Our intuitive User Interface Framework guides players on their journeys through the vastness of space, allowing us to bring millions together in dynamic and varied universes.

Carbon Engine Components


The Pulse of The Universe

Breathing life into any online game, CarbonIO ensures reliable networking that maintains the pulse of living, breathing virtual worlds.

Carbon Engine Components


Tuning in to Immersion

When thousands of players gather in massive scenes, audio is the key to immersion. CarbonAudio provides logic and rules to handle these complex scenarios flawlessly.

Carbon Engine Components


Creativity Unbound

Carbon is based on the Python scripting language, giving it a solid foundation to build strong experiences.

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Powering a Vast Universe

The creative playground behind the world’s largest living work of science fiction

The Carbon Engine is a playground for the imagination. It facilitates the creation of vibrant sci-fi arenas, epic space battles, and vast galaxies, all without sacrificing performance or compromising on vision. Built for speed and scale, Carbon is a robust tool for creating living, breathing, enthralling universes.

Carbon Related Job Openings

Create the Impossible: Join the Cutting-Edge World of Game Development with Carbon

Are you looking for a chance to unleash your talents and help facilitate limitless creativity? Ready to be a part of a passionate, innovative team on the cutting-edge of game-engine development? Carbon offers a unique opportunity to work on groundbreaking projects and shape the future of gaming.

Ready to Create the Impossible?

The stars are waiting. Join us on a journey of the imagination and put your mark on the galaxies. Join the Carbon team and be a part of creating virtual worlds more meaningful than real life.