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Jun 2024

Nullsec Rises in ‘Equinox,’ CCP Games’ New Expansion Bringing Fresh Conflicts, Revolutionary Reforms, and Ship Customization to EVE Online

Warp into New Eden to dominate a reinvigorated null security space with new structures and vessels, design personalized ship SKINs, and tackle new and improved goals and corp projects.


Mar 2024

CCP Games Deploys the First Content Update for EVE Vanguard

Founders Access members can play from now until March 25 and help forge the future of EVE’s sci-fi sandbox FPS


Jan 2024

CCP Games Unveils 2024 Roadmap for EVE Online: Two Content Expansions and Next Map for EVE Vanguard

New resource management, ship customization, improved Corporation Projects, and much more coming to New Eden in 2024