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Aug 2017

CCP Games Launches Sparc for PlayStation®VR, Making Full-Body VR Gameplay a Reality

Today, CCP Games launched Sparc™, the energetic competitive virtual reality game on PlayStation®VR. Sparc’s unique full-body experience is only possible in virtual reality, where players’ VR equipment becomes their sports gear.


Aug 2017

CCP Games to Launch EVE: Valkyrie - Warzone, Giving Non-VR Players Access to the EVE: Valkyrie Universe

CCP Games announced that on September 26, 2017, the fan-favorite virtual reality game, EVE: Valkyrie, will become EVE: Valkyrie - Warzone, representing a major expansion for the renowned multiplayer first-person spaceship shooter.


Jul 2017

CCP Games to Release Sparc™ for PlayStation®VR on 29 August 2017

CCP Games is thrilled to announce that Sparc™ – the energetic, competitive virtual reality game – will launch on PlayStation®VR on Tuesday 29 August.


Jul 2017

EVE Online Joins Search for Real Exoplanets With Project Discovery

CCP Games has added the ability for players of EVE Online, its massively multiplayer online game, to help search for distant planets outside of our solar system.


Jun 2017

CCP Games’ Sparc™ to Launch Exclusively on PlayStation®VR This Year

CCP Games’ first-of-its kind, full-body virtual sport Sparc™ is coming first to PlayStation®VR in Q3 2017


Feb 2017

CCP Games Announces Sparc, A Full-Body Virtual Sport Only Possible in Virtual Reality

CCP Games is thrilled to announce Sparc, a unique virtual sport only possible in virtual reality. In Sparc, players connect online to compete with each other in fast and fun full-body VR gameplay.

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