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Who is CCP?

Founded in 1997, CCP (short for “Crowd Control Productions”) is a leading independent game developer that has been praised for its artistry, game design, unique player driven storytelling narratives and incredibly close and collaborative relationship with its community of players. Best known for the critically acclaimed sandbox MMO EVE Online, CCP also produced Dust 514, a multiplayer first-person shooter set in the EVE Universe for PlayStation 3, as well as EVE: Valkyrie, a competitive multiplayer first-person spaceship shooter for PC and PlayStation 4. In addition to this, CCP has also produced Sparc, an original virtual sport for PC and PlayStation VR, and the Gunjack series, VR arcade-action games for PC, PlayStation VR, Google Daydream, and the Samsung Gear VR mobile platform.

Where is CCP Located?

CCP is headquartered in Reykjavík, Iceland, which serves as the home of the EVE Online development team. In addition to our headquarters on top of the world, we also have development studios in London and Shanghai working on additional projects and supporting our existing titles in those regions.

How can I get a job at CCP Games?

We’re always looking to add creative and technical talent to the CCP family, and you can find a list of our open positions at ccpgames.com/careers.

Can I visit your studios?

Sure! We offer regular tours of our headquarters in Reykjavík and are more than happy to welcome our fans into our studio to look around. You can find more information about how to arrange a tour over on the EVE Online Community Website.

Please be aware that we can only offer studio tours during business hours, and tend to close our studios to the public in the run up to the deployment of expansions and before large events such as EVE Fanfest and EVE Vegas.

Where can I buy your games?

All CCP’s titles are available digitally, for your convenience. You can find EVE Online over on the EVE Online Website as well as in the Steam store and the Epic Games Store.

EVE: Valkyrie, Gunjack and Sparc can also be found in the Steam store, as well as in the PlayStation store and on Google Play depending on their availability on a given platform.

What are EVE Fanfest and EVE Vegas?

EVE Fanfest and EVE Vegas are regular gatherings of our incredible community of spaceship pilots that are hosted by CCP.

EVE Fanfest is hosted in Reykjavík, the home of EVE Online, and EVE Vegas is of course hosted in Sin City, catering more toward our North American players.

Aside from these officially hosted gatherings, there are hundreds more hosted by our community that occur around the world in cities including London, Amsterdam, New York, San Diego, Dusseldorf, Toronto, Paris, Tokyo, Atlanta, Sydney, Austin, Melbourne, Los Angeles, Brisbane, Berlin, Athens and many more.

What the hell is Chessboxing?

This is just all part of the weirdness of CCP. While internet spaceships are serious business, we do like to let our hair down a little from time to time. With our own in house band and a little Viking blood in our veins, from time to time we tend to do some crazy stuff.

Contact FAQ

How can I get in touch with CCP?

While we don’t offer telephone support for our titles, you can always get in touch with us on the list of addresses below, depending on your query!


This address is for general queries and information regarding CCP and our products.


You can reach our Player Experience Team on this address for all customer support queries relating to EVE Online. Emailing this address will automatically create a support ticket for you, or alternatively you can visit the EVE Online Help Center for assistance, which hosts a wide range of self-help articles at support.eveonline.com. You can also create a support ticket for assistance directly via this website too.


This address should be used for all queries relating to legal issues relating to CCP, including licensing and partnerships. This address can also be used for reporting misuse of our IP and games.


This address will put you in contact with our Communications Team for press and media related enquiries.


Our Community Team, which forms part of the Communications Team, can be reached at this address for all community related queries and for community related support.


Information security and game account security is incredibly important to us at CCP. This address is a direct line to our Security Team for any security related concerns or queries you may have.


This address should be used for all studio tour enquiries. You can find more information on visiting our studio for a tour over on the EVE Community website.

Legal FAQ

Can I create and/or host my own game server?

No. CCP does not permit the creation or hosting of third party versions of EVE Online or any of our other titles.

Can I compose music with samples from your games?

So long as any music produced remains within the realms of personal use and is not created for commercial purposes, CCP has no issues with audio samples from our titles being used to supplement your compositions.

We always enjoy seeing the incredibly creative results that come from the minds of our players, and so long as content of this nature does not infringe copyright or breach our EULA, we have no issue with this.

Can I write novels, short stories or produce cinematics based on your titles?

While we have no issue with the creation of fan content such as written stories, videos, music and artwork, consistency in our backstory and universe is incredibly important to us. CCP reserves the right to expand our IP to all forms of media, and we want to ensure that any fan created content is represented as such to maintain consistency and integrity of our IPs. So long as content is created for your personal enjoyment, not for commercial purposes, and is identified as fan created content, we have no issues with allowing the creative juices to flow!

Where can I send gameplay suggestions?

While we appreciate the passion and energy that our community has for our titles, we cannot accept unsolicited game, feature or content ideas for legal reasons. If you’d like to discuss EVE Online, or make suggestions for changes to New Eden, you can do so over on our official forums here. You can also raise suggestions and discuss changes with the Council of Stellar Management on the official forums here.

How does CCP feel about the use of its IP for community fan projects?

So long as these projects are for personal use, are non-commercial and remain within the bounds of our EULA, we have absolutely no problem with our IPs being used for fan art, model making, videos and streaming, along with all manner of other fun. We value the creativity and ingenuity of our community above all else, and love nothing more to harness the love that our players have for our titles.

How does CCP feel about the use of its IP for mods and other game projects?

While we love to see the creative side of our players flourish, we don’t permit the use of our IP, art assets or game content for mods in other games. We are concerned that this could cause confusion for our community, and that they could assume that any such projects are associated with or created by CCP.

Can I create my own CCP themed merchandise?

While we have no issue with our fans creating merchandise for personal use, creation of any merchandise for commercial purposes that will generate revenue is prohibited and infringes on our copyright. You can find a full offering of official EVE related merchandise over at the EVE Store.


Do I need to pay a fee for a tour of CCP’s studio?

Absolutely not, studio tours are completely free of charge. You can find out more about how to arrange a tour here.

How long in advance should I request a tour?

You should contact officetours@ccpgames.com a minimum of two weeks before your preferred date for a tour. For security and internal scheduling purposes, we need at least 10 working days of notice to ensure that office tours are timetabled correctly.

Can I stop by CCP without a scheduled Tour?

For security and scheduling reasons, we cannot offer studio visits on a walk-in basis. Typically, it isn’t recommended to arrive at our offices without a prior appointment, as we are unable to grant unscheduled visitors access to the building beyond our reception area in these cases.

Do I need to sign any paperwork in order to visit CCP?

All visitors who venture further into our studio than our reception areas will need to sign a visitor’s non-disclosure agreement. This is due to the fact that there may be sensitive information on display on whiteboards and walls around our development areas.

Can I take photographs in CCP’s offices?

While you’re more than welcome to take photos of our reception area and games room, photography and all forms of recording are strictly prohibited in our development areas. Any areas in which you can photograph will be pointed out by your tour guide.

Can I interview or speak with specific Developers while visiting CCP?

If you’d like to arrange an interview with a specific member of CCP staff, you should always contact media@ccpgames.com in order to do so. We don’t provide the opportunity for staff interviews during tours of our studios, however if you see any of our developers around the office that you recognize while you’re visiting, you’re more than welcome to say hi!