Life at CCP

From the very beginning, CCP has been known for its creative culture, its ability to spark the imagination and have fun.

We believe in equality and respect for all of our team members and community, and we believe in the importance of games. Our company values of excellence, courage, unity and honesty can be seen in the quality of our products, our strong connections with each other, and in our open communication.

CCP is Great Place to Work-Certified™ in all its three locations. The certification is a significant achievement, where validated employee feedback gathered through employee surveys, confirms that the majority of our employees have a consistently positive experience at CCP.

Why we love working at CCP

Ingibjörg Lilja Diðriksdóttir

One of my favourite memories of working at CCP was at my first EVE event outside Iceland. At EVE North in Toronto, we visited the CN Tower which I figured would be OK even if I am pretty terrified of heights. There is a glass floor in this tower where you can see 342meters straight down and other CCPers and EVE players were walking across like it was nothing. So I was like „sure I can do this!“ But quickly I realized there was no way …not even with my eyes closed!

But before I knew it everyone, even those that I did not know, were chanting my name and leading me trembling and with my eyes closed, all the way across that damn glass floor. It was such an amazing experience and I felt so supported by this amazing community.

Why we love working at CCP

Jianwei Chen

The working environment and atmosphere at CCP Games are just amazing. Here you can meet and work pleasantly with probably the most fun people from all over the world. And more importantly, these people are all very kind and enthusiastic. That really helped me to blend in when I was a newcomer back in 2016. And compared to other companies I’ve worked for, CCP pays more attention to the emotions and morale of all the employees. I was once flattered that my superior showed concern about my morale and mood during our 1:1 meetings. Thank you wonderful CCP!