Welcome to Shanghai, known as "Asia's fun capital" and the "Paris of the East"

Originally a fishing village and market town, Shanghai grew in importance in the 19th century due to trade and its favorable port location. Shanghai is a beautiful combination of the ancient and the avant-garde. The Jade Temple, a 125-year old sanctuary for Buddhist Monks, is one of many pockets of living history that can be found within the city's limits.

A world of technology has risen around the historical buildings, resulting in a thriving metropolis decorated with some of China's most unique architectural legacies. Shanghai is China's key industrial city, being the largest economic and transportation center in the country. There's a reason that seven out of every ten visitors to China come to Shanghai. The Queen of the Orient awaits you!

Why we love working at CCP

Sandy Shao

CCP is an amazing company beyond my expectations! It is common to have a nice canteen, but free personalized breakfast, lunch and dinner? WOW, So convenient! At CCP Games, people are the most important thing. Everyone is respected and encouraged to be better. We are not just working here, we also have the opportunity to learn new skills, grow our knowledge, make like-minded friends and have fun together. We all get along very well and have a comfortable and happy atmosphere. If you like games, making new friends, and creating happiness, then you are welcome in our team!

Why we love working at CCP

Jianwei Chen

The working environment and atmosphere at CCP Games are just amazing. Here you can meet and work pleasantly with probably the most fun people from all over the world. And more importantly, these people are all very kind and enthusiastic. That really helped me to blend in when I was a newcomer back in 2016. And compared to other companies I’ve worked for, CCP pays more attention to the emotions and morale of all the employees. I was once flattered that my superior showed concern about my morale and mood during our 1:1 meetings. Thank you wonderful CCP!

Why we love working at CCP

Mark Mao

This is the tenth year for me in CCP Games and my colleagues are as familiar as family now. I still remember when I started working for CCP, it surprised me because there were a lot of awesome people from different countries and companies but we all worked on the same project. CCP Games is the most humane company I‘ve ever seen. The CCP leaders always care about the growth and progress of their staff and provide the necessary help to show off their talents.

CCP Games studio is right downtown in the creative district of Shanghai.

It is a beautiful area full of flowers and with good restaurants, cafes and bakeries. Our studio is directly opposite the subway, making the door to door commute easy from anywhere in the city.

We pride ourselves on our quality work.

Good communication, respect and a great team dynamic has lead to recognition and prestige for the products we make.

Our products have been nominated for a Golden Joystick Award, IGN People’s Choice Award and a special mention at The Nordic Game Awards. Meanwhile, Gunjack has sold over half a million copies since its release.

At CCP we support developers so they can do what they do best and enable them to stay focused on their work. The feeling of having achieved something amazing each day keeps us motivated!

We might be considered a small studio, but regardless of that, we have an on-site canteen which provides us high quality meals, beverages and snacks for employees.

CCP Shanghai also holds an on-site gym where you can work up an appetite. We also have a room where the team can relax over a game of pool and build good friendships with each other.

CCP Games is a European company, and our culture reflects that. Everyone is equal and respected, our opinions are counted with a flat management structure, and people are encouraged to keep learning and to develop.

Quality of life is important to us, and our flexible culture keeps crunch time to a minimum so our people can spend more time with their family, not just with their friendly coworkers.