NetEase Games and CCP Engage in Strategic Cooperation to Open New Era of EVE

August 2018
Warp Drive Active

August 3rd 2018 – Shanghai, China - Today, at the EVE IP press conference “Warp Drive Active: Conquer the Sea of Stars” at the Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel Shanghai, NetEase Games and CCP Games announced that the story of EVE Online will continue in China, as CCP partners with NetEase to take New Eden’s Serenity server to the next level for Chinese capsuleers. NetEase Games is planning to launch the beta test of EVE Online China in October, and also revealed EVE: Project Galaxy - a new mobile game that will be brought to players worldwide next year. The two companies announced they will be cooperating to develop more innovative and exciting content moving forwards, bringing new gameplay experiences to videogame enthusiasts around the world.

NetEase Games and CCP Engaging in Extensive Cooperation, Working Together to Open A New Chapter of EVE

At the press conference, Ethan Wang, vice president of NetEase, took the lead to announce that NetEase Games and CCP will be engaging in strategic cooperation, and that NetEase Games is planning to officially launch EVE Online’s beta in October 2018. The new EVE mobile game, EVE: Project Galaxy, which was previewed during Apple’s WWDC18 event, will be brought to players worldwide in 2019. Cooperating on the two fields of PC and mobile gaming at this time is an important beginning for future collaboration between the two parties in other complimentary areas. Both parties are looking forward to jointly bringing more advanced gaming experiences to players around the world.

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Following on, Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, CEO of CCP, gave a detailed overview of the illustrious history of EVE Online. He expressed his gratitude to EVE’s Chinese players for their support over the past 12 years and talked about future plans for the EVE IP in the Chinese market. EVE Online is the critically acclaimed spaceship MMO game that has attracted a large number of players with its captivating gameplay, player-driven economy and sophisticated sandbox since its launch in 2003. With new game content coming to EVE Online China, CCP expects to deliver compelling new experiences to EVE players in China together with NetEase Games.

Writing the Future of Space Combat Games, NetEase Games will Operate EVE Online in China

NetEase Games announced that it will officially launch EVE Online’s beta in October 2018. The original operator will officially suspend its operation on September 30th. NetEase Games is working with CCP and the original operator to conduct the seamless migration of players’ data. NetEase Games will be leveraging its ten years’ plus of operational experience to crack down on botters and real money traders (RMT) to protect the interests of players, listen to the voices of players more closely, and create a better game environment for players in EVE Online China.

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EVE: Project Galaxy, the Upcoming Sand-box Space Combat Game for Mobile Devices, will be Released Worldwide

At Apple’s WWDC18 event in June, NetEase Games and CCP announced their co-developed mobile game EVE: Project Galaxy, which has been received with great interest from players since its announcement.* EVE: Project Galaxy* will arrive on the world’s major mobile platforms in 2019 for all hardcore space combat players around the world. EVE: Project Galaxy is a sandbox space combat MMO game being co-developed by NetEase Games and CCP, utilizing the same design concepts and development philosophy as EVE Online. The game includes a wide variety of gameplay experiences, such as interstellar combat, resource collection, industrial manufacturing, trade exploration, and more. It also makes use of ARkit2.0, the latest AR functionality revealed by Apple at WWDC2018, which allows players to enjoy the limitless possibilities of the new era of mobile games. EVE: Project Galaxy aims to use ARkit2.0 function to create new ways for players to experience the enthralling EVE universe on their mobile devices.

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NetEase Games and CCP believe that through their strategic cooperation, the EVE IP will grow better and stringer not just in China, but around the world. For more information on the release of EVE Online China and mobile game EVE: Project Galaxy, expect further announcements to be issued in due course.

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