CCP Games Earns Great Place to Work® Certification in Iceland and the UK

November 2020
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November 19, 2020 – Reykjavík, Iceland and London, UK – Leading Icelandic game developer CCP Games is delighted to announce it has been certified as a best workplace by Great Place to Work®, the global authority on workplace culture.

Famed for its award-winning, massively multiplayer game EVE Online, CCP takes pride in creating and delivering the best game-play experiences possible. “We are also incredibly proud of our workplace culture,” says CCP’s VP of People, Erna Arnardóttir. “Obtaining this award helps us continue to get even better by attracting, retaining and developing the best people possible and by providing the best possible environment for them, strengthening CCP as a whole,” says the company’s CEO, Hilmar V. Pétursson.

“When people think of a great workplace, they often think of perks, lavish parties and amazing benefits,” says Dr. Gonzalo Shoobridge, Great Place to Work® Director. “But the key to creating a great workplace is not a prescriptive set of employee benefits, programmes and practices, but the building of high-quality relationships in the workplace.” CCP Games understands this and has dedicated itself to building a team that employees enjoy being part of, instilling a sense of pride in each member – and most importantly, fostering a culture of trust.

“Trust is the defining principle of great workplaces,” says Shoobridge. “It is created through management’s credibility and the respect with which employees feel they are treated.” Creating a culture of trust between business leaders, managers and employees is not only the right thing to do but also an organisation’s strongest competitive advantage. Based on a growing body of evidence, Great Place to Work® knows it is the organisations that build trust and engagement that deliver sustainable and outstanding business performance.

“CCP’s vision is to provide fantastic and meaningful experiences for all our customers,” says Arnardóttir. “In order to continue doing so, we have to make sure we are doing the same for our employees, all over the world. The Iceland Great Place to Work® certification allows us to let everyone – customers, employees and partners alike – know that they can expect the best from CCP and that creating a great experience for all is important to our company.”

To continue on its successful path, CCP Games understands that measuring the pulse of its workforce is crucial. Organisations need to regularly assess their workplace culture by evaluating the levels of both employee trust and employee engagement in the organisation so they can take timely corrective actions. “The feedback we received from our employees and the insights we drew from the survey results are already proving very useful by revealing blind spots and highlighting successes,” says Arnardóttir. “The Great Place to Work® Trust Index Survey has helped us identify key areas for action and next steps across multiple areas, including learning and development, and employee wellbeing.”

Great Place to Work® is proud to certify that CCP Games provides a work environment where all employees feel trusted and valued, and where they are encouraged to develop personally and professionally. “We welcome CCP into our global Great Place to Work community,” says Shoobridge. “No need to say that for business leaders, there is no other award that bestows as much pride as being certified as a Great Place to Work because it signals to the world that they have created a company culture that employees, clients and suppliers, appreciate, admire and respect.”

To stay up to date on open positions at CCP Games, visit CCP’s LinkedIn profile or follow @CCPCareers on Twitter. For further informations, visit the company’s FAQ.

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