CCP Games Partners with Titan Forge for EVE Online Board Game

August 2023
EVE - The Board Game Pre-Launch Image NEW v1

REYKJAVÍK, Iceland – August 4, 2023 – Today CCP Games, the developers behind sci-fi spacefaring MMORPG EVE Online, announced a collaboration with Titan Forge, a miniature sculpting studio and board game publisher, to create a board game adaptation of the renowned spaceship MMO. The EVE Online board game welcomes fans and newcomers, bringing New Eden’s signature space exploration, player-driven narratives, and strategic warfare to tabletops. The Kickstarter pre-launch page for the EVE Online board game is now live for fans to sign up and follow the project’s progress until the campaign kicks off in Q4 2023 following demos at EVE Fanfest.

Fans can sign up for updates on the Kickstarter page here:

EVE Online’s player-driven narrative, intricate economy, and stunning visuals are represented in this board game, offering a blend of classic 4X strategy elements and Euro-game mechanics. Players command a diverse fleet of starships, each meticulously crafted by Titan Forge, and delve into the intricacies of interstellar politics, resource management, and tactical combat. The game will be playable for the first time at EVE Fanfest 2023, September 21-23, in Reykjavik, Iceland.

“As a studio dedicated to crafting high-quality board games that ignite imaginations, EVE Online’s player-driven world is the perfect fit to make the ultimate tabletop sandbox. This project is unlike anything we’ve ever made and fuels Titan Forge’s commitment to delivering an authentic and captivating experience for EVE fans and board game enthusiasts alike,” said Roman Łakomiak, the founder of Titan Forge. “Our partnership with CCP empowers us to make a board game in an iconic universe that transcends both physical and digital mediums, standing as a testament to EVE Online’s epic legacy.”

“With its player-driven gameplay and complex virtual economy, EVE Online lends itself organically to a compelling board game experience,” said Grant Tasker, EVE Online’s Brand Director at CCP Games. “As we celebrate two decades of EVE Online, Titan Forge understands New Eden’s enduring legacy and is equipped to bring our iconic spaceship MMO to a different medium while maintaining its signature elements.”

CCP Games is celebrating EVE Online’s 20th anniversary throughout 2023. Set 21,000 years from now in the star cluster of New Eden, EVE Online is known for its dynamic and immersive virtual world. The game offers a vast sci-fi sandbox environment where players are free to explore, trade, engage in epic battles, and shape the destiny of the galaxy.

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