CCP Games Unveils 2024 Roadmap for EVE Online: Two Content Expansions and Next Map for EVE Vanguard

January 2024
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REYKJAVÍK, Iceland – January 19, 2024 – Today, CCP Games released a 12-month development roadmap for spacefaring MMO EVE Online. Pilots can look forward to two astronomic EVE Online content expansions, the first of which will unlock the ability to capitalize on new resources in null security systems, design player-owned ship SKINs, experience enhanced Corporation Projects, and much more. CCP Games will also deploy a new map for EVE Vanguard in 2024, enabling Founders’ Access users the opportunity to explore uncharted territory.

Learn more about CCP Games’ 2024 plans for EVE Online in this EVE News update.

EVE Online continues to grow and thrive thanks to our dedicated community of capsuleers. 2024 promises to unveil never-before-seen frontiers for our pilots to pioneer,” said Snorri Árnason, Game Director for EVE Online. “Our players’ journeys into uncharted territories will echo across the stars and battlegrounds of New Eden. I speak on behalf of the entire EVE Online development team in saying that we can’t wait for our pilots to experience all we have in the pipeline to further evolve the EVE Universe.”

“This year, our focus is to expand the core foundations of EVE Online – conflict, identity, and community,” said Bergur Finnbogason, Creative Director for EVE Online. “With two expansions jam-packed with fresh features and mechanics, players can look forward to more options for personal expression, fortifying community ties, and collaborating with fellow EVE players to further shape New Eden.”

The first content expansion for 2024 will empower players to customize sovereign space through new technology, features, and mechanics. The expansion will also introduce ship customization via player-designed SKINs , building upon the SKINR system from the EVE Online: Viridian expansion. Pilots will have the opportunity to share their SKIN designs and to sell their custom-manufactured SKINs for PLEX. Additionally, Corporation Projects will be further elevated to a central role in corporate life within New Eden, introducing more diversified tasks, customizable goals, and deeper connections to ongoing events and the economy. Corporations will also be able to create tasks for non-members, providing a crucial recruitment avenue and opportunities for players to bolster confidence and earnings.

The expansion will also introduce a new map for EVE Vanguard, EVE Online’s integrated first-person shooter module currently in early development. The map will allow players to explore uncharted planetary surfaces and delve into industry-related gameplay, establishing the start of a symbiotic relationship between spacefaring and ground-based actions that promise to have far-reaching impacts on New Eden in the future.

Further information on EVE Vanguard’s six-month roadmap for the start of its Founders Access can be found here.

EVE Online’s first expansion will launch in Q2 2024; the second expansion will further build on the themes of conflict, identity, and community, with full details to follow later in the year. Assets for EVE Online are in the press kit here and assets for EVE Vanguard are here.

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