Nullsec Rises in ‘Equinox,’ CCP Games’ New Expansion Bringing Fresh Conflicts, Revolutionary Reforms, and Ship Customization to EVE Online

June 2024
EVE Online - Equinox Key Art

REYKJAVÍK, Iceland – June 11, 2024 - Today, CCP Games launched EVE Online: Equinox, the next major narrative-driven expansion for sci-fi spacefaring MMO, EVE Online. Centered on rising tensions in player-controlled nullsec systems, Equinox beckons EVE’s intrepid capsuleers to dominate and rejuvenate the lawless frontier. With Equinox, players can create custom ship designs via the SKINR tool, deepening EVE Online’s sandbox experience and bolstering player identity in New Eden. To celebrate the launch of Equinox, all capsuleers can now claim seven days of Omega status for free by visiting the New Eden Store until 20 June 2024.

Watch EVE Online: Equinox’s launch trailer here. Full details in this news item: The Equinox Expansion Is Now Live

Equinox empowers capsuleers to shake up the status quo in nullsec space, which is all but guaranteed to ignite territorial conflicts. Player-controlled territory becomes more meaningful as capsuleers gain the power to shape sovereign space in their image - whether to possess it themselves or capture it from others. To grant players greater control over their colonies, the expansion introduces the following features:

  • Nullsec Colony Operations: Corporation and alliance leaders can build colossal new Upwell structures – including the orbital skyhook, sovereignty hub, and Metenox moon drill – to extract planetary resources, and manage and defend sovereign space. Sovereignty upgrades now allow pilots to improve and customize their space by detecting previously undiscovered ores and more challenging combat anomalies.
  • Impactful Changes to Star Systems: Equinox redefines the strategic importance of star system locations in nullsec space, with planets now integral to each system's function. New planetary resources are needed to run and upgrade the new Upwell structures. As each system yields different levels of resource, players may need to expand their influence to achieve their aims—whether through diplomacy or warfare.
  • Fly Upwell Industrial Ships: Undock a formidable lineup of four new defense-capable cargo ships: the Squall (versatile Tech I hauler), Deluge (sleek Tech II blockade runner), Torrent (robust Tech II deep space transport), and Avalanche (largest freighter from the Upwell line).
  • Ship SKINR Tool: For the first time in the MMO’s 21-year history, players can craft their own ship SKINs to reflect their unique identities, opening a new career specialization for artists. Equinox adds a robust palette of design elements and extensive customization options for players to create stunning outcomes. Custom ship SKINs will soon be tradable with other EVE players via PLEX or ISK, bolstering the MMO’s player-driven economy and opening a new career in New Eden, either as an artist or as a purveyor of rare design elements. Share designs and gain inspiration from other capsuleers by using the hashtag #SKINRShowdown on social media.
  • Improved Corporation Projects and AIR Daily Goals: Corporation leaders can further incentivize members through new enhanced projects: Ship Loss, Earn Loyalty Points, and Salvaging. AIR Daily Goals now offer a monthly reward track and a 12-step progression system, rewarding dedicated players who regularly warp into New Eden and complete goals.

CCP Games has also revealed that full details about “Solstice” – the next time-limited live event for EVE Vanguard, the sci-fi sandbox FPS set in the EVE Universe currently in early development at CCP’s London studio – will be revealed later this month. The Solstice event will be freely accessible to EVE accounts with Omega status. Anyone eager to join in and experience the exciting updates to EVE Vanguard can access the event for free by claiming the seven-day free Omega time offer on or before 20 June.

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