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Jun 2019

Tune-In to EVE North in Toronto, CCP Games’ Next Stop on the EVE Invasion World Tour

Tune-In to EVE North in Toronto, CCP Games’ Next Stop on the EVE Invasion World Tour


May 2019

New Eden Comes Under Siege Today in EVE Online: Invasion

The mysterious Triglavian race make their fearsome presence felt in epic new expansion


May 2019

EVE Online Invasion Explodes onto Players’ Screens in New Cinematic Trailer

Eager EVE Online players will get a sneak peek of the action with the new EVE Online: Invasion cinematic trailer, released today.


May 2019

CCP Games Brings EVE Invasion World Tour to Australia This Weekend for EVE Down Under

EVE Down Under will celebrate EVE’s antipodean community and their achievements, with CCP’s CEO Hilmar V. Pétursson attending for the first time


May 2019

EVE Online ‘Invasion’ Expansion Unleashes The Might of The Triglavians

New ships, threats and rewards await capsuleers from May 28th as New Eden comes under siege


Apr 2019

CCP Games Lands in St. Petersburg for Second Leg of EVE Invasion World Tour

EVE Online celebrates one of the most passionate EVE communities with the game’s biggest gathering of players in Russia to date


Mar 2019

EVE: Aether Wars Successfully Achieves Groundbreaking 14,000-Ship Battle Live At GDC

More than 3,850 players joined the astonishing achievement in large-scale multiplayer gaming


Mar 2019

CCP Games Warps to EVEsterdam To Kick Off Its EVE Invasion World Tour

The first of eight EVE Online community events in 2019 comes to Amsterdam this weekend, March 23-24


Mar 2019

CCP Games Partners with Hadean For 10,000 Player Deathmatch in EVE: Aether Wars

GDC attendees can witness the tech demo in action, with a special talk from CCP Games CEO Hilmar V. Pétursson on March 20 (GDC Stand S366)


Feb 2019

From New Eden With Love: EVE Online Sees the Return of The Guardian’s Gala

The Valentine’s Day event Is back: earn exclusive rewards throughout February 12 - 25


Jan 2019

Set Tickets to ‘Sell’: CCP Games’ EVE Invasion World Tour 2019 Ticket Availability Revealed

EVEsterdam, EVE North and EVE Down Under tickets available now, with on-sale dates announced for more events across 2019