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Dec 2023

Just About Enters Beta: EVE Online Has Never Been More Rewarding

Just About - the new community platform built to recognize and reward members fairly for their contributions - has moved into Beta.


Dec 2023

CCP Games Launches ‘First Strike’ Live Event for EVE Online Multiplayer FPS Module, EVE Vanguard

Cause more chaos on the frontlines of New Eden with the addition of Ice Refinery Heists and AIR Daily Goals, coming in the EVE Online: Havoc patch on December 12


Nov 2023

CCP Games Unleashes Chaos in New Eden with EVE Online: Havoc – Available Now

The latest expansion for EVE Online lets players join infamous pirate factions, spread corruption on the frontlines, pilot the highly anticipated Angel titan, and more!


Sep 2023

Revealed at EVE Fanfest 2023: a Havoc-Wreaking New Expansion and Multiplayer FPS Module Are Coming to EVE Online Later This Year

Align with pirates to bring chaos to the frontlines of space, explore a mysterious new system, and fight for your survival across the planets of New Eden


Sep 2023

Phase Four of EVE Online’s Project Discovery Revealed, Expanding to Cancer Research and a Companion Mobile App Launching in 2024

The citizen science initiative’s foundational dataset will be released as a community resource, enabling researchers to develop their own algorithms and build on the group’s existing data


Aug 2023

CCP Games Kicks Off the EVE Operation Event: ‘Epiphany’ - Setting the Stage for EVE Online’s Next Expansion

Embark on a journey to discover hidden stargates to steer the evolution of New Eden’s story in anticipation of the next major content update


Aug 2023

CCP Games Partners with Titan Forge for EVE Online Board Game

The Kickstarter pre-launch page is now live for fans to follow the project, the campaign kicks off in Q4 2023


Jul 2023

CCP Games Renews Publishing License with NetEase Games, Ensuring Long-term Commitment Towards EVE Online in China

Extended partnership brings enhanced gameplay and strengthens commitment to EVE’s Chinese player community


Jun 2023

CCP Games Launches ‘Viridian’ Expansion for EVE Online, Empowering Player-Driven Corporations to Skyrocket Their Success

Introducing player-run corporation management upgrades, player-built structure personalization, brand-new Tech II Lancer Dreadnoughts, and stunning visual enhancements


May 2023

CCP Games Debuts ‘Belonging: An EVE Fanfest Documentary’ and Music Video ‘On Top of The World’ in Preparation for Fanfest 2023

Sci-fi fans can wishlist the limited EVE Online 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition now before pre-orders open on July 7


May 2023

CCP Games Ignites EVE Online’s 20th Anniversary by Teasing New Expansion ‘Viridian’, launching June 2023

Capsuleers can also celebrate EVE’s monumental milestone with in-game events, a special Twitch stream, and the chance to become legend as part of the EVE Monument


Mar 2023

CCP Games has secured $40M led by Andreessen Horowitz for an innovative new AAA game

Will further the company’s mission with a new title utilizing blockchain technology


Jan 2023

CCP Games Reveals 2023 EVE Online Content Roadmap, Two Expansions, and Excel Integration Launch

Celebrate the legendary MMO’s 20th-anniversary milestone with content updates, narrative arcs, and additional features launching throughout 2023