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Nov 2021

Gate is Green: EVE Fanfest Returns to Iceland in 2022

CCP Games works to create a COVID-19 safe event in the city of Reykjavik, tickets on sale now


Oct 2021

EVE Online Now Available Natively On Mac

The flagship MMORPG from CCP Games is one of the first games optimized for the powerful performance of the M1 chip for Mac


Sep 2021

EVE Online Now Available on the Epic Games Store

In 18 years of rigorous growth, EVE Online has welcomed more than 24 million pilots who have destroyed more than 91 million ships across New Eden


Sep 2021

CCP Games Welcomes the Next Generation of Pilots to EVE Online with the Launch of Quadrant 3: Gateway

CCP Games revamps the new player experience and reveals its iconic starship MMO is coming to the Epic Games Store on September 23


Jun 2021

CCP Games Unveils EVE Academy, a Resource Hub Dedicated to Helping Players Find a Career Path in EVE Online

The living website offers insightful videos, guides, and articles to help Capsuleers embark on their intergalactic journey after completing the tutorial